To me, jewelry is something very personal.
Many of my inspirations originated from experiences and impressions during my voyages.

And so it was a long journey to Australia that became the main trigger to start a career as goldsmith. Down Under, at the other end of the world, in the Australian outback, I spent weeks working side by side with a professional opal miner and his dog. Only equipped with simple picks and shovels we were searching for rare black opals.

Both the solitude of the outback and the possibility to find a colorful, extraordinary gem made my stay in Australia one of the outstanding experiences of my life.

Back in Germany I started my own business trading gems, and sold the opals I had imported from Australia. It was back then that I caught the first insights into the profession of a goldsmith. And soon I decided to combine my passion for precious stones with the arts and craft of a goldsmith.

In 2008, after 3 1/2 years of study and apprenticeship, I graduated from the vocational training to be a goldsmith. Ever since, I work in my own atelier.

The beautiful river of life and many fortunate strokes of fate have lead me to this moment today, and while writing these lines, I am very thankful for how things are.