The regulated world we live in
makes it difficult for us to find our own rhythm and pace. Mostly, working and business hours form the framework in which we move and live.

In my studio, I don’t follow the strict idea of opening and working hours. My works are created in harmonious moments only. To me, an open and flexible way of working represents the most important condition for creative and fine craftsmanship.

In fact, I am convinced that the circumstances in which any gem is created is reflected in its quality.

You are very welcome anytime to visit me in my beautiful atelier in the old city center of Freiburg, have a cup of tea, and dive into my world of jewelry. Please contact me for an appointment that suits you best.

On purpose I don’t work with an online shop. Please contact me at any time by mail or phone for price information. I am happy to discuss the shipping conditions of the gem you are interested in.